Take the guesswork out of knowing if your hair is doing the same, better, or worse. 

It's hard out there for people who want quality care and information about their hair. We get it. And that's why we developed ScalpSurvey.


Current hair management is a highly subjective (and frustrating!) process. Without photographs and measurements, it's almost impossible to know if you are progressing for better or for worse. 

You are born with a fixed number of hairs on your head. For patients who have hair loss, they will lose approximately 50% of their hair before it starts showing and is noticeable. 

Pilaris solves this problem with our proprietary ScalpSurvey, which was designed to give patients the information they need to make informed decisions. 

You lose approximately 50% of you hair before it starts showing.
Non-standardized photography is prone to variability.

The same photograph at different exposure levels gives markedly different impressions of hair loss.

ScalpSurvey Gives You

  • Standardized views & positions

  • Controlled lighting

  • Reproducible photography

  • Hairline measurements

  • Hair density measurements

  • ScalpScore with Personalized Hair Report

ScalpSurvey employs standardized positioning, lighting, and photography.

ScalpSurvey also captures high-power images of the scalp to assist in diagnosis as well as rendering a ScalpScore - the numerical density of hairs per square centimeter.

To receive a diagnosis and treatment plan by a physician hair specialist, consider our Hair Clinic >>


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