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A spirit of innovation is deeply rooted in Pilaris culture. Owing to tradition and limited resources, the medical field is often slow to create and adopt change (the average development takes 17 years from inception to implementation!). We recognize that ideas - the lifeblood of creativity - are born into this world raw, unrecognizable, and in need of life support. Too often ideas are neglected in their early stages and are abandoned. Each Pilaris team member maintains an active research enterprise to improve how we implement care and to stay at the forefront of medicine. We rely on the generous participation of patients and volunteers to provide insights, samples, and, importantly, motivation to power our ongoing studies. 

Pilaris research

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Recent publications

Akoh C.C. and Sukhdeo K. (2019) Finasteride Counseling for Male Androgenetic Alopecia Should Reflect Updated Findings on Prostate Cancer Risk

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Ongoing studies on

New treatments for hair loss

Minoxidil mechanism of action

Platelet-rich plasma for hair restoration

Cantu syndrome and hair abnormalities

Pathogenesis of scarring hair loss

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Funded by a generous grant by the American Academy of Dermatology, we’ve partnered to bring a new educational resource to the hair community called that features a web and mobile (Apple and Android) interactive platform. 


Diagnosis of hair disease requires several physical examination techniques, including visualization of hair-bearing areas. Trichoscopy, the assessment of hair under magnification and an extension of the field of dermoscopy, offers fundamental advantages over the naked eye. However, despite the adoption of dermatoscopes in modern practice, the implementation of trichoscopy remains poor - due in large part to limited education of providers on this subject. The unfortunate effect is mis/underdiagnosis for many patients.  Visit  for more information.
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Investigative dermatology fellowship

The Pilaris Investigative Dermatology Fellowship  is a unique blend of research, innovation and patient care under the mentorship of Dr. Kumar Sukhdeo.  Current research endeavors are geared toward bridging the gap between the research bench and the patient bedside with basic science and clinical investigations into various scalp and hair pathologies. Because Pilaris is a modern clinic with an emphasis on increased patient access, the fellow is immersed in an environment that fosters the development of new methods to deliver improved patient care.  The fellow is also an integral part of each patients’ treatment team. Specifically, the fellow manages the Pilaris pro bono clinic.  Lastly, commitment to the education of providers, residents, medical students and patients, is a significant portion of this fellowship. Current projects include content development for and cultivation of instructional resources for patients to ensure proper medication application and adherence. 

Research fellowship

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