Pilaris ScalpSurvey - The latest in hair science now available direct to you! This system is we know if you’re losing, growing, or maintaining hair.


What’s in the box?!

  • ScalpScope - A device used to take magnified images of your scalp. 

    • Use your photos to track hair growth

    • Several parameters are analyzed including:

      • How many hairs: Follicle count (average hair per square centimeter)

      • How big are the hairs: Widths (caliber) of hair shafts

      • Ratio of thick to thin hairs 

      • Numbers of hairs per hair unit 

      • Hairline measurement tools  

    • Using facial reference points (between the eyes and outside corners of eyes) we measure hairline distance and track over time

  • Curl pattern assessment - Know your curl pattern, know which haircare products to use! 

    • Send us your selfies and we’ll tell you which of the 9 curl patterns you have.  

  • Hair Growth Solution (2% Minoxidil for women; 5% minoxidil for men)

    •  if you want to do something to help grow your hair, right now, today, we’ve included minoxidil. It’s clinically proven to be effective in most people and will help stimulate your hair growth!

  • Access Code to download the Pilaris mobile app

    • Track your hair growth

    • See your diagnosis

    • See your treatment plan

    • Communicate with us 24/7/365

Hair Starter Kit with Scalp Survey


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