Membership Pricing

Initial Consultation

with ScalpSurvey


    ($1000 value! Limited time only)  

  • HairKit delivered to your house and yours to keep

  • Informational video on completing home ScalpSurvey

  • 1-on-1 consultation with board-certified dermatologist and hair restoration specialist Dr. Kumar Sukhdeo (~45-60min)

  • Thorough review of medical and hair history

  • Expert diagnosis and custom treatment recommendations

  • Lab orders (if necessary)

  • Summary letter

  • Coordination with your other physicians

  • No obligation to continue

Pilaris Membership

with ScalpSurvey

and Home Medical Therapy


/ month

(cancel anytime)


Custom combination oral medical treatments made into a convenient single daily pill - unique to Pilaris

Scheduled follow up visits with Dr. Sukhdeo

Dose adjustments to medical therapy

Progress tracking with ScalpSurvey

Same-day assistance from the Pilaris Team

Lab orders (if necessary)

All your questions answered

* We recommend at least 1 year of treatment for full evaluation of results

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