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A spirit of innovation is deeply rooted in Pilaris culture. Owing to tradition and limited resources, the medical field is often slow to create and adopt change (the average development takes 17 years from inception to implementation!). We recognize that ideas - the lifeblood of creativity - are born into this world raw, unrecognizable, and in need of life support. Too often ideas are neglected in their early stages and are abandoned. We therefore created the Pilaris Innovation and Creativity Unit (P.I.C.U.), akin to a hospital's pediatric intensive care unit, to incubate and develop novel thought and creation. Activities include discovering new methods to deliver improved healthcare, enhance outcomes for patients, insight into how the body works, and advancing the field of medicine. We also consider how to incorporate patient-centered art, music, scent, color, light, and texture within our environment such that we can foster a realm of healing and openness. To this end, we've deconstructed every element of the patient encounter and built a new platform to deliver on a refined experience.  Each Pilaris member maintains an active research enterprise improve how we implement care and to stay at the forefront of medicine. We rely on the generous participation of patients and volunteers to provide insights, samples, and, importantly, motivation to power our ongoing studies. Please review the sections below to learn how you can become a team member and have a lasting impact on our understanding of the human condition.


Clinical Trials

Now Accepting Applications for our Waiting List

Clinical trials for hair restoration are planned for 2020.  You must be able to travel to New York City for all in-person visitations.  Use the form below to add your name to the waiting list. Our recruitment coordinator will contact you when trial enrollment begins.  Check back on this page for updates or subscribe to our newsletter.

Upcoming Clinical Trials Include:

  • Platelet-Rich Plasma (PRP) - injection therapy using your body's own platelets

  • Microneedling - wounding therapy using small needles to penetrate the scalp

  • Laser therapy - utilization of laser energy to stimulate hair growth

  • Biotin supplementation - determination of changes to skin, hair, and nails

  • CBD oil - assessment of the anti-inflammatory properties in skin

  • More studies on the way!

To join the Clinical Trial Waiting List, complete the questionnaire below:
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Rare Condition Patient Registry

Do you have an unusual condition affecting your hair, skin, or nails? We're interested! Through the power of the internet we hope to encounter patients with rare dermatologic findings who would be willing to work with us. By enrolling in the registry, we want to learn about incidence rates, symptoms, and outcomes. With permission, some patients will be considered for a scientific write up for publication in medical journals. If you have questions about the registry, please let us know at contact@pilaris.com.

All information is maintained on a secure database and is never shared with third parties. Participation in the patient registry is completely voluntary.  No diagnoses will be rendered; this is not a substitute for medical evaluation from a qualified physician. The Pilaris team and the other individuals who share the condition are extremely grateful for your submission and we will contact you upon receipt of the completed form below.

Please enter your information below:
Additional Information

Upload Photo: To help us understand better the type of change in your hair/skin, please click below to upload a photo (.jpeg, .gif, or .png).

You may also email the photo separately to contact@pilaris.com or text photo to (929) 376-8660 - please include your name in the message so that we can match it with the information from the form.

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Human Biology Volunteer Program

Nature has held on to her secrets for too long! Help us crack the codes of human biology by donating tissue specimens for our team of investigators to analyze.  We are always in need of volunteers to donate either skin or hair samples into our tissue bank. Use the form below to provide your contact information and a team member will reach out to you for further steps.  Participation is completely voluntary. Send questions to contact@pilaris.com.

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Skin swabs (cotton Q-tips)

Skin biopsies

Hair samples (clippings)

Scalp biopsies

Blood Samples

Patient surveys

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Support Pilaris Hair Loss Research

We at Pilaris understand that hair loss is an important medical issue, however, alopecias are often considered 'cosmetic' by governmental health agencies. Therefore, securing funding from traditional NIH grants is challenging. To keep advancing hair science our on-going studies are often self-funded by our clinical team. 

Some individuals may wish to partner with us directly to augment current and future research endeavors by making a contribution to the P.I.C.U. Use the link below to make a monetary gift - 100% of which will be used for hair research. If you'd like to speak to us before making a donation, please reach out to us at contact@pilaris.com. We appreciate any level of support, and thank you for your consideration!


Hair to the People

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