Frequently asked questions


Is this a doctor's office?

Yes! A dermatologist practice built for modern times and modern patients. Our founder, Dr. Kumar Sukhdeo, started Pilaris by combining the service of a boutique New York City office with new technology that can serve patients all around the country. All care is supervised by a board-certified dermatologist specializing in medical hair restoration and complex scalp disorders.

Do you accept insurance?

Most hair loss is considered a cosmetic concern by insurance companies and typically not covered. Like Botox, laser, and filler, aesthetic medicine is an out-of-pocket expense. Moreover, private and government insurance limit the manner and scope of treatment. Pilaris therefore is a direct-pay practice that operates on a monthly subscription model.

Which treatments do you offer?

Hair loss is caused by dozens of different reasons. Each diagnosis requires a treatment plan tailored to each patient. Dr. Kumar is trained in the management of all types of hair loss and provides custom prescription-strength medical therapies. Please see the 'Learn' page to read more about the medicines we offer.



What are the side effects of treatment X?

Can a shampoo give me more hair?