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If you’re experiencing hair loss, the world is a confusing place. Current options are not good enough - not even close. What actually works? How do you hair if your hair is actually growing or not? It's hard to know what are all the treatment options, how much they cost and are the side effects.

The reason there’s so much confusion is simple. Most people, in fact, billions of people suffer from hair loss and most of those people care deeply about it. When you have a huge market full of highly motivated people - a massive business opportunity exists. Unfortunately for hair loss sufferers, this has manifested in many misleading products and services lacking efficacy. 


Even some of the treatment options with clinical studies have both very small sample sizes and are completely subjective. They ask questions like, “do you think your hair is getting better?” when the real question should be, “do you have more hair?” Yes or no. 


It’s hard enough to sift through the snake oil, message boards with people debating about what works and deceiving the marketing. If you do find a treatment option that’s legit (backed by objective clinical evidence) - progress tracking is completely subjective. No one really knows how their hair is doing. Before and after pictures aren’t good enough, they don’t tell an objective story and they leave people guessing. Guessing sucks and losing hair sucks.


We started Pilaris to grow more hair. We’ve both been through every painful part of the hair loss journey as it stands today. We created a service that addresses every pain point. Fundamentally, we grow more hair. Everything we do, every decision we make, we ask the question, how does this help people grow more hair?


We diagnose clients in the way that is necessary - by taking magnified images of the scalp. Through a number of measurements this allows the client to receive a more accurate diagnosis AND gives the client the ability to track their hair growth objectively.


We also provide a detailed overview of the 20+ treatment options (not just one or two). All of which range in cost, ease to adhere, to and side effects. To grow more hair, clients need to be empowered with transparent information about their options.


To grow more hair, clients need better access to all of this. We can serve clients with diagnosis, consultation and most treatment options, with technology.


The last crucial piece to growing more hair is having a proactive provider. You need a provider who’s constantly looking at your hair measurements and treatment plan and adjustment them to increase hair growth.


We’ve built the company that we wish existed when we started on each of our hair loss journeys. Wherever you’re at in your hair loss journey, we have a solution for you.


Hair to the people!


  • Dr. Kumar & (Andrew) Munday



The Pilaris Team

Clinical & Research Members

Amanda Eisinger MSIV

Research Fellow, Pilaris Innovation and Creativity Unit (P.I.C.U.)

Medical Student, MSIV NYIT

Patient Advocate 

Amanda Eisinger hails from New York, and after a college stint in New England, has returned to her roots.  She is a vital member of our Hair Clinic and P.I.C.U., studying as a Research Fellow on several projectings including clinical trials and the study of hypertrichosis.   She has completed previous research at Memorial Sloan Kettering in NYC and is currently completing her medical studies at New York Institute of Technology.

Amanda was sought out to join Pilaris because she has personal experience with dermatologic conditions in the family, which help motivate her career as well as the care of patients.   

Languages: English, Hebrew

Maria Moreno LPN

Licensed Practical Nurse, Pilaris

Patient Advocate | 

Nurse Mabel has over 25 years clinical nursing history and is a skilled phlebotomist. She was born in Colombia and immigrated to the United States to start a family along with her husband, who is also a nurse as well.


At Pilaris, Mabel oversees the design of the patient encounter so that each patient feels welcome when they visit our clinic.  Owing to her Latin roots, any visitors our "home" are treated like cherished guests. Moreover, her own experience as a patient with a serious medical issue helped her appreciate the medical system from the other side. To this end, her efforts help define the physical and emotional Pilaris experience . 

Languages: English, Spanish


Andrew Munday

Chief Operations Officer & Co-Founder, Pilaris   

Patient Advocate | 

As one of the first to join the Silicon Valley startup-turned unicorn DoorDash, Mr. Andrew Munday led key operations in scaling the company from a handful of orders into the $7 billion dollar company it is today. Mr. Munday then co-founded Future where as COO he facilitated growth from initial clients to a larger user base as well as several rounds of venture funding.

Mr. Munday takes matters about hair seriously, having experienced personally the confusion and anxiety of hair loss. He believes that hair loss is an intimate aspect of self image and that treatment needs to be individualized. He is adamant for scientific progress tracking as the modern gold standard of assessment.

Languages: English, Spanish

Aja-Michele Parsons

Practice Assistant, Pilaris; NYU Undergraduate Student

Patient Advocate | 

New York City, with is myriad attractions and diverse cultures, was always a dream for Aja-Michele Parsons. When she was accepted on scholarship to attend New York University she jumped at the chance. She became interested in medicine through her time in athletic endeavors such as Taekwondo, dancing, and competitive cheerleading.  She brings that same focus and passion to Pilaris.  

Languages: English, Spanish


Kumar Sukhdeo MD, PhD

Dermatologist, Chief Medical Officer, & Co-Founder Pilaris 

Clinical Instructor, NYU The Ronald O. Perelman Department of Dermatology

Patient Advocate | | @DrKumarSukhdeo

Dr. Kumar Sukhdeo is a board-certified dermatologist, scientist, and innovator. He trained with some of the foremost experts in dermatology, internal medicine, hair science, and cell biology research at Harvard, Duke, Cleveland Clinic/CWRU, University of Chicago, and NYU. His passion is to provide the highest quality hair and scalp treatment to every patient.

Dr. Kumar Sukhdeo trained with world-renowned hair expert Dr. Jerry Shapiro (NYU) to treat hair loss as well as excess hair in both early and late stages of disease.  He enjoys treating all hair types, curl patterns, and ethnicities. 

Languages: English, Spanish

Advisory Board

Dr. Ruben D. Carrasco, an expert physician-scientist, conducts cutting edge translational research on the molecular, cellular, and organismal mechanisms of human disease. Dr. Carrasco's career is dedicated to bridging the divide between the clinical and scientific realms.

Ruben Carrasco MD PhD

Senior Scientific Advisor, Pilaris Dermatology

Principal Investigator, Carrasco Lab

Pathologist,  DFCI/BWH/Harvard Med

Patient Advocate


Kathy Cole-Kelly (KCK) inspired and educated a generation of physicians at CWRU on the fundamentals of humanism, empathy, communication, and feedback. At Pilaris, KCK integrates her talents and experience to further enhance our patient-centered medical model.

Kathy Cole-Kelly MS, MSW

Senior Clinical Advisor, Pilaris Dermatology

Professor Emeritus Family Medicine

Case Western Reserve School of Medicine

Patient Advocate

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