Pilaris is the only dermatology clinic dedicated to women’s hair restoration.


Most women experience some form of hair loss in their lives, but many are not aware or cannot access scientifically-supported treatment options that can halt hair loss or regrow hair.  We know that if you’re losing your hair, the world is a very confusing place. Misinformation, ineffective treatments, and questionable marketing abound, which only leads to frustration, despair, and wasted finances.  

  • Specializing in women’s hair restoration

  • In-person and online consultations

  • Provided women across the U.S. the country with diagnosis and treatments

  • Founded by Dr. Kumar Sukhdeo, a board-certified dermatologist and physician-scientist who has dedicated his career to hair science and medicine 

  • Expertise medical management of hair restoration, including complex or rare conditions

  • ScalpSurvey: sophisticated imaging to diagnose, track,  and measure your hair

  • PilarisCam: all-digital camera to image your scalp for remote management

  • A support team for you!

80% of American women experienced some form of hair loss by age 60.